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Sell Homes Faster and at a Higher Sale Price!

The photos on this page are actual realtor listing photos used to sell a million dollar listing in Stowe, VT (MLS #4207542). Had they used professional photos (shown in images below) it should have had more inquiries, sold more quickly, and at a higher price.

Novice vs Professional Photo
Novice vs DSLR Photo
DSLR vs Professional Photo

“If your home doesn’t look good online people aren’t going to bother to see it. Have phenomenal photographs online.”

– Barbara Corcoran, The TODAY Show’s Real Estate expert

If you aren’t having a property professionally photographed, you are losing money. Every month a property is on the market can cost the owner thousands of dollars, and is more time realtors aren’t getting paid.

Here are some of the reasons why you should be using Professional Real Estate Photography to market your listings.

1. Make a great first impression

According to NAR, 89% of all home buyers shop online for their home. 95% of home buyers aged 25-44 are finding the homes they want to see on the internet. As a result, the way your listings look online is one of the most important factors in generating buyer interest.

2. Get more attention

Using professional photos will attract more attention to your listings and result in more clicks by consumers.  Studies show that listings with professional photos generate an average of 139% more clicks when compared to similar listings without professional photos. Source:

3. Make more money

Listings shot with professional DSLR cameras sell for more money. According to a study done by Redfin (see image below), these listings sell for $1000 or $100,000 more! That’s a lot of dough, and probably enough to make you feel a little insecure about your photos if you’re NOT using a professional. If you ARE using a professional, print out the image below, and take it with you on your listing presentations. It can help you justify that 6%!


4. Increase your odds for a sale

In most price ranges, your listing is more likely to sell if it has professional photos! Check out the image below, from The Wallstreet Journal. The green bar represents SLR photography and the red is point and shoot. Again, you may want to print this one out and take it with you on listing presentations.


5. Take your marketing to a higher level

It’s hard to believe, but 80% of the LUXURY homes on the market are NOT professionally photographed. That means Realtors using professional photography have a big competitive advantage, not only in attaining the listing, but in selling it as well. Source: Redfin

6. If your seller is hiring a professional, shouldn't you?

Don’t treat your seller like a FSBO. The seller has opted for a professional Realtor to list and sell their home. You should opt for a professional as well. Do you think they would prefer their Realtor take photos with an iPhone or hire a professional photographer?

7. Even distressed properties will benefit

Many Real Estate Professionals will not use a professional photographer when listing distressed properties. What they don’t understand is that an experienced professional photographer will know how to angle the camera to capture the right shots and to show the “possibility” of the property. They will use the right lighting, composition, and post processing techniques to show off the property in the best possible way.

8. Create a constant supply of "Content Marketing"

Professional photography can provide you with wonderful “Content Marketing” material. Your professional photos can be used on many social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, and Twitter. You can even Instagram them! Check out some Instagram examples here. But be careful how you share. Make certain that you receive the permission of your seller prior to using those photos on your social media sites.

Novice vs Professional Photo
Novice vs DSLR Photo
DSLR vs Professional Photo